Artist Statement


As a spatial designer I give substance to spaces. My site-specific light installations and video mapping projects tell something essential about the area, the social context and its history.

GENIUS LOCI (the unique protective spirit) is an important inspiration and purpose of my work. I want to make the uniqueness of a place visible through light. The strength of my work lies in its simplicity. I create penetrating experiences with minimal resources, with respect for the existing environment. No unambiguous messages, but multi-interpretable dreams that awaken spectators from their sleep.

I am looking for layering. No soulless pursuit of effect, but more tranquil experiences.

Today, light art, especially its interactive version, is incredibly popular. More and more cities see it as a marketing tool and invest a lot of money in large-scale and increasingly bombastic light art festivals, which sometimes attract an audience of hundreds of thousands. This democratization usually has little to do with Great Art. Videomapping has become the new fireworks display with a high entertainment content without animation, it is magic and illusion and that will always appeal to people. I want to use this magic and illusion in a subtle but penetrating way. The light festivals offer me a platform for this and I have now built up a name. The permanent light installations in the public space that I have realized also allow the public to look at their surroundings with a different view. I now have extensive experience in working for government agencies with sustainable and vandal-resistant results.

LIGHT MATTERS: Light matters. There is no life without light.

"Matters" stands for matter / business. Light is the immaterial raw material I want to build with.

Building with light intrigues me because of the paradox between the intangible intangibility of light and its strong, attractive presence. Light is the common thread in my work, in the sense of the catalyst of all materials.

I want to materialize light by means of translucent materials. This is best reflected in my recent light objects. All are based on existing LED panels, combined with transparent and non-transparent materials from my immediate environment. I want to paint with light!

They are literally and figuratively layered objects that show a different image during the day than in the evening when the light is on. Often these objects result in semi-abstract landscapes.

I want to further develop my light objects in the near future. After my successful first Artist-in-Residence in Estonia and open studio exhibition, I hope next year to realize an Artist-in-Residence in Shanghai and / or other places where I want to be inspired by the local culture and nature and a new audience hope to reach.


Big names that have influenced me are:

* James Turrell: His light installations (light spaces) make the viewer aware of his / her viewing. Turrell brings the light so close to you that you experience that light is almost matter.

* Olafur Eliasson: He moves at the interface of natural phenomena and technology. Eliasson has been called the master of reflection. Light in its purest form!

* Bill Viola: Human themes such as birth, death, love, emotion and humanistic spirituality are central in his video work. Because his images move very slowly, the viewer can 'sink' deep into the different layers of meaning, as it were.

The urgency of my work lies in the purity and intensity of their work, which increasingly shifts from applied on commission to autonomous work for sale.













Name                                                   Bas (Sebastiaan Arthur Marie) Peeters

Sex                                                      Male

Nationality                                            Dutch

Email                                                    info@baspeeters.nl

Studio                                                  Bas Peeters Spatial Design and Light Art

                                                           Surinamekade 8

                                                           1019 BV Amsterdam

Website                                               www.baspeeters.nl

Telephone                                            0031-655182547

Birth date and place                             30- 06-1962 Venlo



1974 - 1981                                       St. Thomas College Venlo. HAVO and VWO

1981 - 1986                                       City Academy of Applied Arts in Maastricht

                                                          1st degree Teacher training Crafts and Art

1988 - 1992                                       Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam

                                                          Theatre Design and Art Direction

2014-2015                                         Development Grant AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the

                                                          Arts) with coaching  ILO (Institute of Light Design)


1993 - present                                    Working as independent spatial designer for theater,     interior, decorations etc.

                                                          Teacher courses at creativity centers and guest lectures



2002                                                   Ypenstein monument on the grounds of St. Willibrord

                                                           Foundation Heiloo

2005                                                   Artwork at City Hall facade Venlo art project The Nis Venlo

2007                                                   Light, sound art event for Polderlicht in Amsterdam

2010                                                   Video Installation for group exhibition ‘Lighten Up SAIL in Loods6

                                                           Installation light and sound art route Polderlicht @ home

2011                                                   Light Project ‘Running Fire’ Amsterdam Docklands

                                                           Installation art route Cliff Hanger Texel

2013                                                   Light installation Case gallery De Inkijk subway Wibautstraat


                                                           Interactive video installation Amsterdam Light Festival.

                                                           Imagemappingproject Winterlight Schiedam

2014                                                   Video mapping project Luminale Frankfurt

                                                           Light installation Art-Zaanstad

                                                           Video mapping project GLOW Eindhoven

2015                                                   Light installation Parklicht Amsterdam

                                                           Researchtraject  ’Genius Loci’ Eastern Harbours Amsterdam

                                                           Lightinstallation Winterlight Schiedam

2016                                                   Light installation lightwalk Heerlijck Licht Diepenheim and Luminale Frankfurt

2017                                                   Light installation ‘The Encounter’ apartmentbuilding De Hagen in


                                                           Mobile slide installation Winterlight Schiedam

                                                           Video mapping installation Amsterdam Light Festival

2018                                                   Light installation Saint Nicolaschurch Monnickendam

                                                           Light installation Parklicht Amsterdam

2019                                                   Nomination Crowe-Foederer Talent Award

                                                           Exhibition New Light, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

2020                                                   Copper Leg Artist in Residency near Tallinn Estonia

                                                           Exhibition lightobjects Loods 6 Amsterdam

2021                                                   Temporary corona lightobjects on two squares in Amsterdam-East