light art

Light Shower

light textile object

studio Sarai

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

October 2019

Glass fibers (350 cm long), nylon net (175 X 100 cm), spot


Studio Sarai is a bright studio in the new Strijp-R district in Eindhoven.

By means of 2000 hanging glass fiber wires from the skylight, it seems as if the daylight falls down like a rain shower.

The wind provides a natural movement.




Light installation for Park light

Oosterpark Amsterdam

November 2018

LED light boxes, LED spots, X-rays, MDF, fans and plastic film




The Oosterpark serves as the green lung of the city, just like all other parks in Amsterdam. The 2nd Public Open Air School was built in 1931 for children with respiratory problems. These children with asthma or bronchitis were at risk of contracting tuberculosis. Sunlight, fresh air and a lot of attention for gymnastics were beneficial for these children. The Oosterpark school is the official name until 1967 and it is built in a rural Amsterdam School style.

Behind 6 windows on the corner of the entrance building, viewing boxes have been built with X-rays of children's lungs. Beneath the cabinets there are pivoting fans with LED spots that ensure that plastic bags in the shape of lungs are blown upwards to the rhythm of an inhalation and exhalation and are reflected over the X-ray photo by means of a glass plate (Pepper's Ghost effect).

Light and air flow make the viewer aware of these important elements and the history of the school.




First see then believe....


Video and light installation in the tower of the Grote- or Saint Nicholaschurch in Monnickendam

In the context of Summer of Arts. June 2018

Leefiter, projection screen, Siaint Nicholas staff



Saint Nicholas was patron saint of seafarers, and was therefore often chosen as patron saint of port cities. In the legend Nicholas was called by sailors whose ship was sinking. He appeared and calmed the storm.

The figure of Sinterklaas has evolved over the centuries from a patron saint, through a bogeyman and heavy-handed pedagogue, to a folkloristic child's friend

Faith was instilled in children in a playful way by the annual appearance of this good saint. Seeing is believing! His cloak and miter are red, not really an episcopal color. Red is the color of love and danger, or good and evil. Feelings of guilt were fueled early in the Catholic Church. That Sinterklaas ultimately does not exist is often hard for children. December 6 is actually his dying day. He died in 340 after Christ!

Around Saint John (June 24), the longest day of the year, the saintly man appears in the form of an awesome, stained glass window in the tower. The red light passes through the setting sun over the wonder of the sea.

His staff (symbol of his ecclesiastical power) hangs like a magic wand above the gravef

Save Our Souls !

Videomapping installation

Amsterdam Light Festival

December 2017-January 2018

24 screens of scaffolding mesh, 2 beamers (20,000 ansilumen), speakers and ledfresnel spot

Photography: Janus van den Eijnden

Motion Design: Warner Krol







The windows of the former navy education building have been transformed into windows of a ship. The building seems to move through the moon-lit swell. But soon a disturbing element attracts attention: an alarming SOS signal flashes on the horizon. The sound of a heavily breathing diver strengthens the disturbing feeling.



The Passage

Mobile slide installation Winterlicht Festival Schiedam

December 2017

2 slide projectors with mirrors on motors. Lime paper

(model: Freya Aswynn)




The Stork Bridge in Schiedam was first mentioned in 1854 and was then served by a female bridgeguard. It is named after the house the Stork in the alley of the same name.

The newly renovated bridgeguards house looks like a greenhouse or an incubator, actually a waiting room. New and old lifes cross each other here.



The Encounter


Nearly There !

Light installation 3 times exhibited:


WinterLight Light Art Festival, Julianapark Schiedam. December 2015


Light Walk Heerlijck light, Diepenheim.

February 2016


Luminae Frankfurt. March 2016


Bed, textile consruction, El Wire, LED strips and motor




Light and darkness are associated with life and death.

Bas Peeters is fascinated by the phenomenon of Near-Death Experience: experience in an altered state of consciousness during a real life threatening situation It therefore comes to be close to the actual death.

It is often perceived that one goes through a dark spiral tunnel, attracted by an indescribably beautiful bright light at the end.The blissful feeling leads to a lasting transformation of character.

Lying on the bed, the viewer experiences a hypnotic near-death experience.

The rotating tunnel and the moving light looks like being sucked into the tunnel.

The work was initially created for Winter Light in Schiedam.

Saint Liduina, patroness of the chronically ill and the city has been located most of her life in bed and had numerous visions.

Only after thirty-eight years of suffering it came to an end her life. She saw her last appearance in a blooming rose bush and died.

Her visions can be compared to a near-death experience.

In Diepenheim, the work was shown on an old graveyard.





Lighting installation in apartment complex De Hagen Amsterdam-Noord

Client VESTEDA. Delivery February 2017

LED screens, vitrage, ink, yarn, ribbon

Motion Design: Warner Krol


A layered and continuous installation in 8 windows of the apartment complex De Hagen in Amsterdam-Noord.

Two lonely souls, curious and looking for contact behind the cozy window sills, meet each other at the entrance and share their passion.

The double layer of vitrage is printed and applied with 'window sill icons. The moiree effect gives an extra dynamic view.



Memento Mori

Video and light installatin for Park Light

Ruin park Frankendael Amsterdam

January 2015


Frankendael park early 19th century built in the so-called romantic landscape style.

In the pond was a cottage on a small island - called the Hermitage - where you could be rowing boat. In the Hermitage was a doll representing a monk. If a coin into the doll was thrown, the arm pointed to a coffin bearing the words "remember you must die" were read

The contrast of this scene on impermanence with the amorous environment was much appreciated by the visitor. The ruins was restored in 2003.

During Park Light A vague ghost with a lantern in his hand slowly appears from the depths and walks to the door. The hermit looks outside. He turns around and disappears into the realm of the dead.


Matching the Wall


Video and light installation


GLOW Eindhoven

November 2014


The name of city of light is in fact caused by the presence of multiple match factories in Eindhoven, and its history goes back to 1870, while Philips has been introduced in 1891. The trail of GLOW 2014 passes a disrespectful packed wall of the former match factory.

The match as bringer of light is depicted in a literal and figurative layered three-dimensional light and video installation inspired by the history of this place.

The Genius Loci (unique identity) is blown as new life. The visitor will realize that this industrial heritage is a significant impact for the city.



Carbide Plant

Light piece Carbide Building Hembrugterrein Zaanstad

Art Zaanstad. May 2014

Rotating chandelier copper tube with 20 old carbide lamps

and stained-glass window of leefilter


Between 1895 and 1945, people have used carbide lamps working on acetylene gas that is released when you let water drip on a block carbide.

It was used as a mobile light on bikes, cars and in the mines, but also in industrial systems. It gives a bright white light and has a typical garlic smell.

The Carbide Building (379) on the Hembrugterrein, built in 1938, has served as housing for a carbide plant. Later this building is also used as glass and paint warehouse. The carbide plant was running at an acetylene generator and had to deal with ammunition but also to illuminate the entire complex.


A mobile made from  copper pipe with a dozen different carbide lamps hanging in the void. The heat of the flames keeps the lights moving around and generates strange shadows on the walls.

The large window has been transformed into a modern stained-glass depiction of a greatly enlarged and pixelated detail of the forest that has overgrown the Hembrugterrein. The whole space is  flooded with green light. The penetrating smell carbide reinforces the memory of the original use of this building.

Nature and technology embracing each other in this weird 'greenhouse plant'.


Facing the Facade


Video Mapping Project

Luminale Frankfurt Germany.

March-April 2014.

Beamer, Laptop, 5 fluorescent fixtures, buttermilk and speakers.




The eventful history of this plant is the inspiration for this project as part of a group exhibition of the ILO (Institute of Light Design).

Heyne brothers founded the factory in 1869 and made it a huge undertaking in screws and turning, with more than 400 employees. During both world wars  they were required to make weapons. It was a hierarchical communion with typical German 'Gründlichkeit'

On the facade of the courtyard of the old steel factory, you can see a video projection. A flaming red light line behind the windows shows the time and the glowing steel.

Old photos, positive and negative, appear, fade and move. The current tenants look through the windows.

Marlene Dietrich sings: "I need a man."


Immaculate Emasculation

Analog image mapping on liberation monument

light art festival Winter Light

Juliana parkSchiedam

December 2013

6 6 miniature slide projectors



The five-meter high lstatue made by Pieter Starreveld has been very controversial in the fifties because it would be immoral. Only in 1967, the statue was recognized as liberation monument and with a new inscription. Through the years, the sculpture is seriously damaged,

For the second-annual Winter Light Festival, the picture is transformed using slide projections of real models. It seems people of flesh and blood who represent together a war scene with a nod to the prudishness of the 50s

Who's leaving with the severed genitals ?



Beware of the Dog!

Interactieve videoinstallatie

Amsterdam Light Festival

Entrepotdok Amsterdam

December 2013- Januari 2014

12 plasmaschermen met minimacs, sensoren en speakertjes



Het Entrepotdok werd tot in de jaren 70 van de vorige eeuw bewaakt door de zogenaamde Hellebaardiers. In deze installatie komt hun geest terug in de wijze waarop de bewoners  van het  voormalige Administratiekantoor hun eigen territorium beschermen en de voorbijgangers in de gaten houden.

Op het moment dat iemand te dicht bij komt begint de  ‘bewaker’  vanuit  de  ovale ramen te blaffen.

Deze  ‘levende’ portrettengalerij  staat voor overbeveiliging  en levert door de interactiviteit een hilarisch beeld op.


The Red Menace


Light installation in showcase gallery 'The Insight', subway station Wibautstraat Amsterdam

January-March 2013

3 overhead projectors with rotating objects, toys and construction foil.



Metro stations Wibautstraat, Weesperplein and Waterloo were originally constructed in the sixties to serve also as shelters at a nuclear disaster.

The window areas are now managed by Polderlicht foundation for innovating art projects.

In this tableau vivant war planes and bombers fly around.  The position of the soldiers changes if you pass by.

A low-profile light and shadow piece with a nod to the threat of a nuclear attack during the Cold War.

What would Putin think of this?



Lopend Vuurtje

Lichtkunstproject in Oostelijk Havegebied


Maart 2011

2 laserbeamers, 16 flitslampen en 4 toplichten

In samenwerking met Fleximac


Dit 4-daagse project kwam tot stand met subsidie van stadsdeel Oost en stichting Loods 6 om de verbinding tussen de twee winkelcentra Brazilie en Loods 6 te bevorderen.

De twee laserstralen die langzaan verschijnen en verdwijnen, kruisen elkaar boven de Verbindingsdam en worden op beide gebouwen verbonden door flitslampen.

Het beeld  verandert verassend als de voorbijganger er onderdoor beweegt.