Decorations for robeco Summer Nights.

Concertgebouw Amsterdam. summer 2014

Stretched forms of 3 colors organza and carbon bones, hanging from ropes.

150 X 4000cm.

In cooperation with Fleximac and spotlighted by Cue1


The starting point was the meanders of graphic design. The transparent organza fabric constructions were beautifully lit and moved slowly through the air.

Positive response from the client was; this is not a decoration , this is art!


Frank's Smokehouse

Frank's Smokehouse is a traditional fish and meat smokehouse in Amsterdam.

His new store features a Winckelmans tile floor, furniture of Hickory, a smoky wall decoration and a beamed ceiling with indirect light.

January 2014.


"Men zou hier in de naamen ligt verdoolen"

Monument remembering Ypenstein castle on the grounds of St Willibrord Foundation Heiloo

Realization 2002

Stage of grass, 48 x 32 x 0.6 m, enclosed by concrete retaining walls topped with a stone cover strip. The title of the monument is engraved on the cover strip

On the four corners of the stage, octagonal stone turrets of 160 cm high showing a kaleidoscopic picture of archaeological material

The turrets are covered with a lid of hard glass with a stainless steel rim including indirect light


This project was developed with the help of the municipality Heiloo after a call in


The stage indicatess the old contours of the original exterior walls of house Ypestein with its typical octagonal turrets.

The stage acts for concerts, fairs and just as pensive place for residents.

The endless 'delusion' caused by the mirrors in the turrets refers to psychiatry, just like the text engraved on the edge of the retaining walls: "One might here is verdoolen the event names." It is a statement of the chronicler Cornelis van der Woude from 1645. It is used to indicate the name permutations and different spellings of the house as Ypenstein, IJpestein and  Egelenburgh.



Set design and implementation for theater Volksoperahuis from 2009 to the present. In collaboration with Robert van der Hoop.

The Big Barn

Renovation of old pig barn to countryhouse.

In cooperation with Robert van der Hoop

Summer 2010


Neighborhood Alliance

Dressing for congress Neighborhood alliance Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam.

Assignment: Create a local pub as a central meeting place.

Tables and front doors of underlayment with antonyms made with gaffer tape.

Plastic chairs. 12 different streetlanterns.

Commissioned by Kunstenaas & Co.

October 2008

In cooperation with Daphne Heemskerk



Decorations alutent for opening natural bridge Crailoo

Goois Natuurreservaat / ProRail Hilversum.

Bar tabless of birch trunks and underlayment connected by  "barriers", dressed with green from the immediate area.

Commissioned by The Schepper Campaigns.

summer 2006


Proton Conference

Decorating National Conference Proton Radiotherapy.

Mobiles balloons with springs and sitting balls. Inspired by proton molecules

Aula TU Delft

Commissioned by De Schepper Holding.

January 2009


Breeding House

Installation for Entrepreneurs ZLTO (south Dutch agricultural and horticultural organization) on Autotronterrein Rosmalen.

Greenhouse of glass and aluminum containing 600 eggs in flowerpots, illuminated by an assimilation lamp.

February 2008


This installation depicts the malleability of nature and is a sort of crossover between horticulture and poultry.

The assimilation lamp creates the typical greenhouse lighting and gives beautiful shadows all around.


Japanese interior Delft

Breakthrough of two apartments with doors and cabinets.

Inspired by open spaces japanese houses.

Commissioned by Margriet De Schepper

realization 2004

In cooperation with Gertje Dormans